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Mary Poupot PhD Biochemistry

Course and current status

Dr Mary Poupot born Marsan, Chargée de Recherche 1ère classe  INSERM

            Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Toulouse (UMR 1037)

            Team "Innovating strategies for anti-lymphoma therapies"    

          Oncopole de Toulouse, 2 avenue Hubert Curien, 31037 Toulouse, France


University & research career:

1997 PhD thesis in Biochemistry, University Toulouse III.

1997-1998        Attachée Temporaire d'Enseignement et de Recherche, Univ. Toulouse III.

2002-2006        Post-doctoral fellowship, Centre de Physiopathologie Toulouse Purpan.

2006-2007        Junior Researcher Inserm, Centre de Physiopathologie Toulouse Purpan.

from 2007         Permanent Researcher INSERM.


Students management and teaching:

During these last 10 years, I supervised  10 Master students, 5 thesis (2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2015), 1 thesis on going and 2 post-doc.

From 1999, I'm responsible of the Biochemistry of the 2de year at the "Ecole d'Ingénieur de Purpan".


Other fonctions:

- Member of the Scientifical Animation Comitee of the CRCT (national symposium and international congress organization)

- Member of the comitee of the cellular imaging technical facility of the "Institut Fédératif de Recherche Bio-Médicale de Toulouse". 

- Member of the scientific comitee of the "Ligue Contre le Cancer" (scientific programs evaluation).

- Member of the scientific comitee of "Aviesan Plan Cancer" (evaluation for master, doc and post-doc salaries)

- Evaluation of scientific publication.

Scientific summary

Research biographical sketch

My fields of scientific expertise are biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology applied to the anticancer therapy.

After 3 years of thesis during which I synthesized particular plant sterols and studied it biophysical properties by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, I stopped my researches during 3 years to have babies.

In 2001, I joined Inserm U563 of Toulouse to go back to my research activities in a new domain for me: the immunology for anticancer purposes. The aim of my researche was the activation of the innate immune cells and especially the gd T lymphocytes for anti-tumor purposes.

At the beginnig of the last fifteen years, I patented and published a process allowing the quantification of the reactivity for different blood cell populations against a large panel of cancer cells. I participated also in a project which allowed us to show and patent the immunostimulant properties of synthetic azaphosphonate-capped dendrimers. These molecules have currently anti-inflammatory and anti-osteoclastic activities which could be extremely interesting in rheumatoid arthritis and in other anti-inflammatory therapies. I was then recruited (2007) as Permanent Researcher Inserm in the Jean-Jacques Fournié team.

Then, I showed that the tumor microenvironment had an immunosuppressor effect on the gd T lymphocytes and a pro-tumor effect by the transfer on cancer cells of membrane molecules involved in the chemo resistance.

One aim of my current research works concerns the potentialization of the γδ T lymphocytes activation for anticancer purposes, these lymphocytes having a high cytotoxic effect against cancer cells. My second aim is to target Tumor Associated Macrophages (TAM) which are pro-tumor cells promoting tumor development and chemoresistance of cancer cells.

In parallel, I develop with ma electronician collegues of the LAAS Institute a method based on microwaves dielectric spectroscopy to detect intracellular events such as mitochondrial depolarization which could be interesting for diagnosis in some pathologies.


I am author and co-author of around sixty publications (Web of science) or forty publications (Pubmed). I participated to 5 patents and exposed the results of my researches around 20 times in international and national congress.

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