Blaise Yvert Senior Researcher, PhD

Course and current status

Present situation:       

PI team “Neurotechnology and network dynamics” , INCIA lab



2008 Habilitation à diriger des recherches, Univ. Bordeaux1, Bordeaux (France)

1996 PhD in Biomedical Enginering, INSA, Lyon (France)

1994 Master of Science in Biomedical Enginering, University of Lyon 1 (France)

1993 Master of Engineering in Applied Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca (USA)

1993 Engineer from Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France)

Scientific summary

My research previously focussed on source localization methods from scalp EEG/MEG and intracerebral EEG data and the use of these methods to map the spatiotemporal dynamics of human cortical auditory areas. Since 2003, I have then been interested in the development of large-scale microelectrode array technology (MEAs) for dynamic recording and stimulation of neural networks, and the use of these approaches to study activity-dependent developmental neural plasticity and to design neural prosthesis for the rehabilitation of the injured CNS. The development of new high-density MEA systems is carried out in close collaboration with electrochemists, MEMS and material scientists, electronics engineers, and industrial partners. Our methodological work aims at developing new MEA technologies and dedicated tools for the analysis of MEA data and at understanding the mechanisms underlying extracellular neural microstimulation and optimizing stimulating MEA devices. These systems are then used experimentally to study the dynamics of developing neural networks, and to develop rehabilitation strategies of the injured CNS.

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