Claire Chazaud PhD

Course and current status

Present: PI of the team: Genetic and epigenetic control of cell lineage commitment during mouse development. at the GReD (Génétique, Reproduction & Développement): UMR CNRS 6293/INSERM 1103/Clermont Université)

2005 to present: CR1 INSERM, PI of team n°5 in the GReD (Clermont-Fd)

July 2003 to 2004: P.I. of an "AVENIR" team at INSERM U.384 (Clermont-Fd).

February 1999 to June 2003: post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Janet Rossant Laboratory (Toronto, Canada). Research topic: 1- Cell lineage specification in the preimplantation mouse embryo. 2-Involvement of the Wnt/beta-Catenin pathway during A-P axis formation in the mouse.

1994-1998: PhD Université L. Pasteur, IGBMC (Strasbourg), director Dr. P. Dollé. Research topic: Characterisation of RA inducible genes expressed during  mouse development (supervisors Dr. P. Dollé and Prof. P. Chambon).

Scientific summary

We are deciphering the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the first cell lineages differentiation during early mouse development. Our goal is to understand both in vivo and in vitro the process of induction and formation of embryonic and extra-embryonic tissues during the first stages of embryogenesis. Our focus is on the molecular mechanisms driving epiblast versus Primitive Endoderm specification during preimplantation and, later, on the differentiation of the Primitive Endoderm and its derivatives, including the formation of the epithelial structure and its transition toward mesenchyme.

Our work is closely linked to embryonic and extraembryonic stem cell research.

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