Valérie Lamour
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Valérie Lamour PhD Structural Biology

Course and current status

Actual position

Associate Professor, Team leader at the IGBMC: Chromatin stability and DNA mobility

Coordinator of Strasbourg University MD-PhD program -  Faculty of Medicine



2011 :Habilitation for Research Direction   (HDR), Strasbourg University 

Since 2009 : Associate Professor, IGBMC-Strasbourg University Hospitals (MCU-PH class 1)

2008: Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant fellow -IGBMC, Strasbourg, France

2003-2008: Postdoctoral fellow, The Rockefeller University, New York, USA

Structural studies of Bacterial RNA polymerase complexes

2000-2003: Postdoctoral associate, IGBMC, Strasbourg France

Thermus DNA topoisomerases structural studies

1999: PhD Structural Biology, Strasbourg University, France

Structural studies of human transcription/repair factors- IGBMC

1994: Chemical Engineer degree, EHICS Strasbourg France

Scientific summary

V. Lamour has joined the IGBMC Integrative Structural Biology Department in 2008 through a Marie Curie International Reintegration grant (FP7). Her research project is aiming at the functional and structural studies of human DNA topoisomerase 2 (Top2) complexes targeted by therapeutic compounds used in cancer treatment. The goal of this study is to identify and study the architecture of Top2-associated complexes targeted by anti-cancer drugs through a combination of chemical proteomic and structural approaches.Since 2014, V. Lamour is co-directing the IGBMC team "Chromatin stability and DNA mobility" with  Marc Ruff who focuses on HIV integration complexes. The team uses a combination of structural techniques such as in solution biophysical methods, cryo-electron microscopy, x-ray crystallography with biochemistry and proteomic techniques to address biomedical relevant questions.

The Integrative Structural Biology Department offers state-of-the-art structural biology equipments and access to scientific platforms within the IGBMC. It is also one of the two French nodes for the european infrastructure in structural Biology INSTRUCT and coordinator of the french infrastructure FRISBI  for structural biology.

V. Lamour is part of the INSTRUCT protein production module in Strasbourg and also attached to Strasbourg University Hospital where she is coordinating the MD-PhD program.  


The Topo project members:

Valerie Lamour (coordinator)

Arnaud Vanden Broeck, PhD student

Claire Bedez, Postdoc

Christophe Lotz, Master student

Céline Klein, MD-PhD administrative assistant 

Former Members of the Topo project:

Morgane Gilg, Master student 2015

Claire Batisse, research engineer 2012-2014

Pélagie Fichter, Master student 2013

Geoffrey Gourinchas, Master student 2013

Julie Papillon, PhD student 2008-2012

Albin Simoni, research engineer 2010

The HIV project members:

Marc Ruff (coordinator)

Julien Batisse (postdoc)

Nicolas Levy (postdoc)

Benoît Maillot (postdoc)

Karine Pradeau Aubreton (postdoc)

Robert Drillien (researcher)

Oyindamola OLADOSU (PhD student)

Sylvia Eiler (Engineer)

Betty Ory (technician)




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