Samuel Lézé
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  • Location : Lyon, France
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Samuel Lézé Associate Professor

Course and current status

I am Associate Professor at the École Normale Supérieure of Lyon and my research interests focuses on contemporary mental health issues in France. Drawing on ethnography and social history, I aim at examining the links between the political and moral context of a major social transition and the local, moral and emotional conceptions of self and personhood in clinical setting.

I coordinate the development of research program "Telling mental health today" (Maison des sciences de l'homme, MSH, Paris-Nord,
USR 3258). This research program is devoted to the study of disorders of social ties ("deviances", "suffering", "dependencies", "risk") and legitimate  ways in telling mental health today.


B.A. in Philosophy (University of Paris I-Sorbonne, 1997); M.A. in Philosophy (University of Paris I-Sorbonne, 1999), M.A. in Social Anthropology (University of Paris VIII- Saint-Denis, 1999) and Social Sciences (ENS-EHESS, 2000); Ph.D. in Social Sciences (ENS-EHESS, 2008); post-doc in Social Sciences (CNRS, IRIS, 2008-2010), Hdr (ENS de Lyon, 2014).

Scientific summary

Since 1999, I have been carrying out a series of case studies combining social history and ethnography on clinical authority in private and public practice of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts :

  • the French organization of psychoanalysts in a context of the regulation of psychotherapy
  • « Freud Wars » in France and USA
  • a psychiatric day hospital for childs and teenagers
  • the homoparentality controversy
  • the psychiatric care in prison
  • the judicial usages of forensic psychiatry
  • the distress at workplace
  • adolescent’s (especially working-class youth) mental health management (in the ERC research project Towards a Critical Moral Anthropology directed by Didier Fassin ( ), 2008-2012).
  •  Since 2011, and within the IFé (French Institute of Education), I have been interested in the issue of mental health education and promotion at school and the « well-being at school » programs (especifically in UK).
  • Sexual health and mental health
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