Maria A. Miteva PhD, HDR

Course and current status

Since 2013: Research Director at Inserm  & Group Leader "Virtual screening, PPI & ADMET in silico") (Head Dr. B. Villoutreix)

2012 - 2016: Member of the Inserm commission CSS1

Since 2009: Expert for EU FP7, H2020

Since 2009: Senior researcher at MTI, Inserm U973 -Univ. Paris Diderot (CR1 –HDR) (Head Dr. B. Villoutreix)

2005–2008: Senior researcher (CR1) (in silico drug design , chemoinformatics, virtual screening, ADMET) Inserm Unit 648, Univ.Paris 5 (Head Prof. C. Garbay)

2002–2005: Visiting scientist (biostructural pathology - human mutations) («poste vert-chercheur etranger»), Inserm Unit 428, Univ.Paris 5 (Head Prof. M. Aiach)

2001-2002: Visiting scientist («chercheur associé») (molecular dynamics, protein-protein interactions), Lab. MIP, CNRS, Univ.Paris-Sud, Orsay, France (Dr. D. Perahia)

1997,1998: Visiting scientist (protein electrostatics; proteins in gas phase), Karolinska Institute, NOVUM, Huddinge, Sweden (Prof. A. Karshikoff)

1993–2001: Scientific researcher (structural bioinformatics, force fields) (staff position), Institute of Organic Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Dr. B. Atanasov)

1991-1993: Engineer of Biotechnics (development of scientific software), Institute of Organic Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia

Scientific summary

Research topics 

Bio/Chemo-informatics, protein science, biophysical chemistry, electrostatics, force fields, medicinal chemistry, biostructural patholog, in silico drug desin,  ADME-Tox prediction,  low-molecular modulators of protein-protein interactions;

Over 80 research articles, reviews and book chapters;

1 patent: inhibitors of phosphatase CDC25;

Editor of the e-book "In silico lead discovery (Bentham Sci Piblishers)

Assoc. Editor for BMC Pharmacol & Toxicol

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