Mohamed Jaber Professor, PhD in Neurosciences and neuropharmacology

Course and current status

2011- Head of an INSERM Research Unit (INSERM 1084)

2002-2010 Professor at the University of Poitiers and CNRS team leader.

1999-2002 CNRS senior scientist (CR1) on a leave as an Associate Professor at the Bordeaux II University at INSERM 259 directed by Pr. Michel Le Moal

1995-1999 CNRS junior scientist (CR2) at CNRS UMR 5541 under the supervision of Pr. Bertrand Bloch. Bordeaux-France

1994-1996 Post doctoral researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Duke University (Superviser: Pr. M G. Caron). North Carolina-USA. EMBO fellowship

1990-1993 Ph.D student at the Bordeaux II University, CNRS UMR 5541 (Superviser: Pr. B Bloch. Fellowship from the French ministry of research and technology

Scientific summary

I obtained my thesis from the University of Bordeaux II (1993) working the expression of neuroactive molecules in the brain with a focus on dopamine neurotransmission. During my PhD, I spent 3 months at the Karolinska Institute-Sweden where I participated to the cloning and characterization of a novel neurotrophic factor receptor (TrkC). I underwent my 3 years post-doc at Duke University-USA (Marc G. Caron) during which I participated to the characterization of transgenic mice lacking the DAT or the beta-adrenergic receptor kinase-1 gene (1993-1995). I was recruited as a CNRS researcher (1995) at Bordeaux before becoming a Professor at the University of Poitiers (2002). From 2006-2010 I was the leader of a CNRS research team working on the physiopathology of disorders associated with the malfunctioning of the dopaminergic system such as Parkinson disease and addiction. Throughout my career I have published more than 75 papers on the topic dopamine neurotransmission in journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Neuroscience, PNAS and Neuron. My H factor is 30, several of my papers were commented in faculty 1000 Medicine and faculty 1000 Biology. The 2007 Nature Neurosciences paper was elected French scientific highlight of the year 2007 by FENS.

I have extensive expertise in managing and evaluating research project as attested but my many local, national and international responsibilities. I am the head of a new INSERM Neuroscience Unit composed of 4 research teams as of the 1st of January 2012: “Laboratoire de Neurosciences Expérimentales et Cliniques” (LNEC) (Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences Laboratory).

The new research unit was rated A+ by the AERES committee and ranked co-first by the Neuroscience section of the INSERM at the national level among all other research units in neurosciences evaluated in 2011.

I was a member of the national committee of the CNRS, Physiology section 25; I am currently a member of the Neurosciences INSERM committee for the next 5 years, was for the last 6 years member of the French Neurosciences Society board and member of the election committee; president and member of AERES committee in Neurosciences; a scientific expert for (i) the French ministry of research and higher education, (ii) the ANR Era-Net Neuron, (iii) the Aquitaine Region and the Neuropole Paris, (iv) the Neurological Foundation-New Zealand, and (v) the  Parkisnon’s Disease Society-UK. I am also the head of an international cooperation programm involving several teams with Lebanon and French Ministry of foreign affairs and PICS –CNRS and a member of a GDRI-CNRS for cooperative projects with Morocco. In the last 4 year, M Jaber I have been a jury member for 18 thesis and HDR diplomas including four international ones and jury member for the recruitment of several professors and assistant professors. At the local level, I am the head of the CPER « handicap and aging » for the Poitou-Charentes Region, a member of the scientific board of the doctoral School in Health and Biology, a member of the master jury in Biology at Poitiers University and the vice-president of the scientific expertise commission at Poitiers University.

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