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Christine Durier Biostatistician

Course and current status

Statistical Information Expert (IR1): Methodology and statistics of clinical trials in HIV infection and infectious diseases.  Since 1999 at INSERM SC10-US19 - Villejuif

1987-1999 Statistician (IE2 -IR2) : Statistical consulting and statistics of research projects (agro-food processes, food risk analysis, animal husbandry and nutrition). INRA - Biometry Laboratory - Versailles

1986 Agronomy Engineer (Montpellier SupAgro) with 3rd year specialization in Biometry at the Institut National Agronomique-Paris Grignon (Agro ParisTech).

Scientific summary

My main activity concerns the methodology and statistical analysis of academic clinical studies in immunology and vaccinology: immunotherapy in HIV infection and long-term tolerance of IL-2, vaccination of persons living with HIV (H1N1 flu, yellow fever), preventive vaccines. I also contribute in prevention of Hepatitis B mother-to-child transmission (Cambodia) and HIV reservoirs.

I have conducted research on inter-laboratory analysis of immune response methods used in vaccine and therapeutic trials (Elispot interferon-gamma, intracellular cytokines), a meta-analysis of clinical tolerance data, and the study of the relationship between vaccine-induced seropositivity and psycho-social impact in volunteers participating in an HIV vaccine trial.

I am a member of scientific groups or committees:

for the ANRS, Cellular immunity - Standardization, Clinical Core and Biostatistical Core of the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI, UPEC/ANRS) and in the CSS6 - Research in developing countries - from 2007 to 2011

for INSERM, I have been a permanent member of the COSSEC Biothérapie (committee for organization and follow-up of clinical trials in cell and gene therapy) since 2010

and Data and Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMB) for vaccine or therapeutic trials.

My skills concern the methodology of studies, through various study designs,  sample sizes, randomizations, statistical analyses, programs with SAS or R, presentations to scientific committees and independent DSMBs, publications (oral or poster communications, articles) and finally methodological expertise of research projects (HIV, hepatitis, vaccines, biotherapies).

and all statistical methods used in pre-clinical and clinical studies (descriptive statistics, parametric and non-parametric tests, survival data modelling, longitudinal data, fixed and random effects models, logistic and linear regression, validation of analysis methods, inter-laboratory analyses) using SAS and R.

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