Carole Schmoldt
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  • Location : Frankfurt, Germany
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Carole Schmoldt PhD - TAS II

Course and current status

Jan 2017-  Technical Application Scientist II

Protein preparation and applications

Thermo Fisher ScientificDarmstadt (Germany)

June 2013 - Dec 2016 Postdoc in Immunology / virus-host interactions

Impact of virus and host factors on lung epithelial cell injury and repair in severe influenza virus pneumonia

Med. Klinik II, JLU, Giessen (Germany)


Oct 2009- Mai 2013       PhD innate immunity / bacterial-host interactions

Regulation of AIM2 inflammasome in macrophages infected with Francisella tularensis

INSERM U851/U1111, CIRI, Lyon (France)


Feb – Aug 2009      Research engineer

Discovery of inflammatory suppressor molecules for treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases

Eskitis Institute, Griffith University, Brisbane (Australia)


May – June 2007   Research technician

Development of a local drug delivery system to stimulate bone repair

INSERM U577 Biomaterials and tissue repair, Bordeaux (France)

Scientific summary

After 7 years of laboratory experience and a research focusing on pathogen-host interactions, I decided to use my experience and knowledge to support Thermo Fisher Scientific customers. 

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