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Jérôme THIREAU Ventricular arrhythmia, autonomic nervous system and circulating factors

Course and current status

CNRS, Associate scientist 2nd class.

Scientific summary

Ischemia and irreversible progression towards heart failure (HF) , cause a deleterious remodelings of myocarde  and sympathetic nervous system (NS). These remodeling establish a pro- arrhythmogenic substrate, but the precise mechanisms remain to be determined.
The aim of my project is (i) to determine the role of neurokine on cardiac remodeling from ischemia to the IC, and (ii) understand the role of B-type natriuretic peptide in the remodeling process of the sympathetic NS. Cardiomyocytes and sympathetic neurons secrete both neurokine and BNP and
expressed their receptors. I will study their effects on Ca2 + signaling (fluorescence and confocal imaging) and cardiac electrophysiological properties (patch -clamp, ECG) . I will endeavor to characterize signaling pathways and molecular intermediates leading to cardiac remodeling and sympathetic SN from the whole animal to the cellular , subcellular and molecular levels. As global aim, i  study the implication of autonomic nervous system in the triggering of ventricular arhrythmia

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