Renaud Seigneuric
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Renaud Seigneuric Dr., Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Course and current status

Associate Professor at Université de Bourgogne / UMR INSERM U866


Data analysis

Protein-protein interactions

Nano-bio-objects characterization (eg: exosomes, liposomes, etc.)

Cancer Biomarkers

Targeted therapies

Heat Shock Proteins

Scientific summary

Renaud Seigneuric holds a French and a Canadian PhD in Biomedical Engineering. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Maastro lab, one of the 5 Siemens centres of excellence (Maastricht, the Netherlands). He patented lists of biomarkers leading towards more individualized cancer therapies.

He was appointed in 2007 as Assistant Professor in Biophysics (University de Bourgogne, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Dijon, France). Working at different levels (including circulating proteins and exosomes), his translational research is devoted to cancer detection and treatment.

He was nominated by the Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare (2012), Who's Who in the World (2013-2016). His Erdős number is 4.

US Patent PCT/US2008/005704
US Patent PCT/US2008/007468
US Patent PCT/US2008/005705
EU Patent WO2015EP53355
EU Patent WO2015EP71619
EU Patent WO2015EP63186

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