Fabrice LAVIAL PhD

Course and current status


2015-           Team leader, "Cellular reprogramming and oncogenesis" lab, Cancer research center of lyon FR.




2014-           ATIP/AVENIR laureate.

2014-           Permanent researcher position, CR1 INSERM.

2012-2014   Senior postdoctoral position, Mehlen lab, Cancer research center, Lyon FR.

2008-2012   Junior postdoctoral position, Azuara lab, Imperial college london UK.




2003-2008   Master and PhD, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon, FR.

Scientific summary

Cellular plasticity and dedifferentiation are key features of cellular reprogramming and oncogenesis. Embryo lineage segregation leads to a restriction of such plasticity. In contrast, this property is regained when the epigenome of a somatic cell is dedifferentiated and reprogrammed toward the pluripotent state to generate iPS cells (induced pluripotent cells). The oncogenic reprogramming process also frequently involves the reacquisition of developmental programs.

The team is developing large-scale approaches and original genetic models to decipher the molecular events triggering pluripotent and oncogenic reprogramming. The main objective is the identification of novel factors/mechanisms governing dedifferentiation in order to (i) improve the iPS cells generation process for regenerative medicine and (ii) broaden our understanding of the oncogenic development.

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