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Course and current status


I have received my PhD in 1996 from the University of Lyon (molecular biology and bioinformatics, microbial ecology). After a postdoc at the Western University of Australia (Perth) and at the Institute of Molecular Biology of Singapore (IMCB), I was recruited at INRA institut in 1997 with a permanent position, to understand the regulation of the intestinal protein/amino acid transporters during high protein diet and cryptosporidiosis. In2001, I have joined Hubert Vidal’ Lab in Lyon where I have oriented my career with the goal of approaching, in a more integrative way, the physiology of complex diseases using novel methodologies based on large-scale gene expression analyses. My work on the mechanisms of insulin-resistance has demonstrated the presence of a number of key genes in skeletal muscle of obese type 2 diabetic patients (T2DM)and has evidence a potential role for microRNAs in complications associated with T2DM. In addition, my group has demonstrated for the first time that muscle cells export microRNAs into extracellular vesicles (EVs) which are involved in the process of myogenesis. Moreover, we found that microRNAs contained in muscle-EVs can be incorporated into different insulin-sensitive tissues indicating that they may participate in the cross-talk between key metabolic tissues during the development of insulin-resistance. In parallel, I have worked on blood circulating microRNAs and found that are good biomarkers to identify metabolic perturbations at the whole body level, or to predict the development of diseases associated with T2DM (EVs in urine from T2DM patients with nephropathies have specific microRNA signature). I am now focusing on the understanding of the release of EVs from skeletal muscle and how insulin-resistance associated with T2DM modifies their composition and thus their fate in the body. I have participated in the creation of the French Society for Extracellular vesicles and I am the President of this society (2017-2019) which gathers more than 200 different laboratories in France (

Detailed CV:

Scientific summary


-Since 2015: Director of research, head of the EVs/miRNAs group at CarMeN Laboratory Lyon-France (Director Hubert Vidal)

-2001-2015: Senior scientist at CarMeN Laboratory, Lyon-France (Director Hubert Vidal)

-1998-2001: Junior Scientist at INRA institute, Paris-France (Director Daniel Tomé)

-1997-1998: Post-Doc at the Institute of Molecular Biology of Singapore (P. Lobie' group)

-1996-1997: Post-Doc at the University of Western Australia, Perth (J. Howieson' group)

-1993-1996: PhD Student in molecular biology, microbiology and bioinformatics (


-1991: Master level 1: Molecular biology/immunology/cell biology/biochemistry (Lyon 1 University)

-1992: Master level 2 (University lyon 1): Microbial Ecology/Bioinformatics/phylogeny (Lyon1 University)

-1993-1996 (Lyon 1 University and INRA from Montpellier): PhD, molecular biology, microbiology and bioinformatics, soil biology, plant sciences (Mention very honorable with congratulation of the jury)

-2004: University diploma in industrial valorisation in biologie and medicine (Paris 6 University)

-2008: team management (organized by INRA institut)

-2010: University diploma for animal experimentation level 1 (Lyon 1 University)


Molecular Biology, Genomic (transcriptomic, proteomic, microRNA, sequencing....), Nutrigenomic, Microbiology, Bioinformatic, Statistical analyses, extracellular vesicles, exosomes, microparticles, cell biology, muscle physiology, diabetes

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