Charles Pineau
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  • Location : Rennes, France
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Charles Pineau PhD Biomedical Sciences

Course and current status

1987-1989: Lecturer, University of Rennes I, France

1990: PhD Biomedical Sciences, University of Rennes I, France

1990-1992: Post-doctoral fellow, The Population Council, Rockefeller University, New York, USA

1993-1994: Staff Scientist Inserm - Unit 435, Rennes, France

1995- 2005: Senior Staff Scientist Inserm  - Unit 625, Rennes, France

2006-2011: Research Director Inserm  - Unit 625 - Head of the Team Normal & pathological germ cell lineage 


Research Director Inserm - Unit 1085, Irset, Rennes, France Team REMEDE

Director of Protim Core facility

Director of UMS Biosit CNRS3480 Inserm 018

Scientific summary

Over the past thirty years, Charles Pineau has been working in the field of reproductive biology and is a renowned specialist of spermatogenesis. He has heavily invested in the development of proteomics and integrative proteomics technologies and his applying these to answer biological and clinically relevant problems in the field of testicular pathophysiology and reproductive toxicology. Dr Pineau currently serves as Research Director at IRSET (Inserm unit 1085, Rennes, France). He is leading the Protim Facility ( and his the Director of UMS Biosit (CNRS3480 and Inserm 018). Dr Pineau’s team focuses on the deciphering of the testicular proteome in mammals with a priority given to the identification of novel germ cell proteins that play a key role in the normal and pathological spermatogenesis. His recent breakthrough work identifies novel testicular germ cell proteins using a proteogenomics approach. C. Pineau's team is part of the Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project and is tackling the characterization of "missing proteins" in the human spermatozoa. Among applications of its fundamental work to clinics, the team also uses germ cell-specific proteins markers identified by integrative proteomics for developing a diagnostic multiplex test of infertilities in men (FertichipTM assay).

Dr Pineau is also keenly interested in biotechnology and was the co-founder of Innova Proteomics, a Contrat Research Organization (2003-2012). Dr Pineau serves as a recognized scientific expert in the field of male reproduction, proteomics and reproductive toxicology for national and international funding agencies. He is a scientific consultant for several pharmaceutical companies. Finally, among other activities, Charles Pineau is Head of the Chromosome 14 initiative of Human Proteome Project (C-HPP), a council member of the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO), Vice President of the Society for Reproductive Medecine (SMR) and past President of the French Proteomics Society (SFEAP).

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