Nicolas Degauque
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  • Phone : +33 2 40 08 46 89
  • Location : Nantes, France
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Nicolas Degauque PhD Transplantation Immunology

Course and current status

  • INSERM UMR1064, Nantes, France (10/2010-actual)
    Chargé de recherche 2 (Research Scientist) INSERM, 
  • INSERM UMR643, Nantes, France (01/2008-10/2010)
    Senior Postdoctoral Felow
    Mentors: Jean-Paul Soulillou
  • Harvard Medical School, BIDMC, Boston, USA (02/2005-12/2007)
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Mentors: Terry B. Strom
  • INSERM UMR437, Nantes, France (2001-2004)
    PhD in Immunology (Nantes University), "Contribution to the study of regulatory cells in two models of tolerance induction"
    Mentors: Jean-Paul Soulillou 

Scientific summary

My research is dealing with the study of  the involvement of CD8 T cells and B cells in transplantation immunology, especially to decipher the immunological mechanisms leading to late chronic transplantation rejection for kidney recipients.Thanks to a close collaboration with the clinical team, we are mainly studying the immune response using biological samples retrieved from transplanted patients.

We are also interested in the analysis of the TCRVb repertoire in various immunological settings.

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