David Blum
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  • Location : Lille, France
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David Blum PhD Neurosciences, HDR

Course and current status


From December 2014
Inserm Research Director (DR2)
UMR Inserm UMR-S1172 (Head Dr. Luc Buee)
Jean-Pierre Aubert Research Centre
Université Lille-Nord de France

From January 2006
Inserm permanent investigator (CR1)
UMR Inserm U837 (Head Dr. Luc Buee)
Jean-Pierre Aubert Research Centre
Université Lille-Nord de France
From 2002 to 2005
Post-doctoral researcher (FNRS)
Laboratory of Experimental Neurosurgery/IRIBHM
ULB, Brussels, Belgium
From 1999 to 2002
Post-doctoral fellow
Laboratory of Neurophysiology
ULB, Brussels, Belgium
2007: "Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches", Lille, France
1999: PhD in Neurosciences, UJF, Grenoble, France
1994: Msc in Neurosciences, UCBL, Lyon, France
1989-1993: Undergraduate studies, ULP, Strasbourg, France
Scientific interests
Physiopathology of neurodegenerative disorders
Huntington's disease
Alzheimer's disease  
Animal models
Physiology and metabolism
Adenosine receptors
Translational research
Editorial boards and Expertises
Associate Editor for BMC Neuroscience
Associate Editor for American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease
Guest Editor, Special Issue « Tau Protein: Function and Pathology », International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease
Editorial Board Member of Plos One
Editorial Board Member of The World Scientific Journal
Editorial board of "La lettre des Neurosciences" (French Neuroscience Society)
Reviewing (main journals in Neuroscience, grants)
PhD committees (France, Portugal)
Responsible for the Neuroscience-Physiology Master Committee (Biology-Health Master, Lille)
Member of the Scientific Council of Lille 2 University
Member of the Doctorate School Council (EDBSL)
American Society for Neuroscience
French Society for Neuroscience
European HD Network
Société Française de Pharmacologie et de Thérapeutique
Association Française de Psychiatrie Biologique et Neuropsychopharmacologie

Scientific summary

Aim of my work is to study the modulatory role of environment (hormones, nutritional factors...) in Alzheimer's Disease, with a special interest towards Tau pathology using in vivo and in vitro approaches. Part of my work is particularly focused on the effects of caffeine and modulation of its main targets, i.e. adenosinergic receptors. I have also a general interest concerning the role of these receptors in other neurodegenerative conditions.

Publications :

see http://blumda.free.fr

see http://www.researchgate.net/profile/David_Blum/

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