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Nicole Haeffner-Cavaillon PhD / Dr-ès-Sciences Immunology

Course and current status

- Chargé de Recherche 1er classe  Inserm (tenure-track position at assistant professor level) at the French National Institute for health INSERM (1981-1990) –University of Orsay –CNRS Unit
- Directeur de Recherche 1ème classe Inserm (tenure-track position at professor level) at the French National Institute for health (INSERM)
- Head of an Inserm Research Team (1990-2000) – Hôpital Broussais, Paris – Inserm Unit 430
- Chargé de mission Département de l’évaluation de l’Inserm 2000 (Coordinator & manager position in the Department of Scientific Evaluation (grants, recruitment and Units) at Inserm head office

- Head of  the bibliometric unit since 2002  at Inserm head office (CWTS Graduate Course in Science and Technology Studies: bibliometrics)

Scientific summary

2002- 2014 Bibliometric analysis, Textminig & datamining, mapping. Analysis of structure and dynamics of research laboratories or Institutes, positioning of Institutes or Laboratories in  International Contexts, Strategic analysis of research fields. Bibliometric indicators and performance measurements.
Expert for European Commissions (ERC, FP7, IMI, ESF)
Expert for National Evaluation Commission (CGRA2-IRD)

2000 – 2005  Management and coordination of evaluation processes,  Project leader for a web based electronic application and assessment system (www.eva.inserm.fr) designed to help grant applicants for funding, and assist assessors and referees in peer reviewing applications.

1985-2000 Inserm Unit, Hôpital Broussais, Paris - Team leader :
Proinflammatory production of cytokine in HIV-infection
Involvement of the complement system in HIV-infection
Early markers of biocompatibility
Cytokine production in patients undergoing extracorporeal circulation
Pro-inflammatory cytokine and LPS receptors
1980-1985 CNRS, Université d'Orsay (Paris XI) Team leader Characterisation of LPS receptors on macrophages: Binding characteristics, Identification of a lectin-like receptor, Interleukin-1 (IL-1) secretion triggered by the LPS receptor.
1977-1979 Toronto University, Department of Immunochemistry Expression of Fc receptors and biological effector functions by immunoglobulin.

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