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Marie Gomot PhD Neurosciences

Course and current status


Since March 2004: Full time Researcher (CR1) at the INSERM. Unit 930 – Tours, FRANCE.

Neurophysiologist, Psychologist



 2003-2004 : Post-doctoral training
Autism Research Centre - Departments of Developmental Psychiatry – CAMBRIDGE University, UK (Pr. S. Baron-Cohen, Pr. E Bullmore). fMRI study of auditory change detection in autism.

2001-2002 : Post doctoral training (INSERM) Service de Génétique - CHU Bretonneau – TOURS (Pr. C. Moraine). Neuropsychological research on X-Linked mental retardation. 

2001 : PhD in Neurosciences . Supervisor  N. BRUNEAU (INSERM U316) - Faculty of Medicine -  University F. Rabelais of TOURS - FRANCE - Thesis: ‘Auditory perception and discrimination processes in children: neurophysiological and psychopathological approach’ .

1999 : DESS de psychologie clinique et psychopathologie - professional diploma equivalent to second level university post-graduate course in Clinical Psychology
University R. Descartes - PARIS V

1998 : MA in Psychology University of TOURS - Faculty of Letters - Thesis : “Study of attention processes in children with developmental disorders”.

1997 : BA in Psychology University of TOURS - Faculty of Letters.

1996 : DEA de Neurosciences - equivalent to second level university post-graduate course in Neurosciences University Cl. Bernard of LYON I.  Thesis : “Maturation of late auditory evoked potentials (N1) in children.”

1995 : MSc in Physiology University of TOURS - Faculty of Sciences and TechniquesThesis : “Study of an electrophysiological index reflecting automatic processing of information (MMN) in schizophrenia.”

1994 : BSc in Physiology  University of TOURS - Faculty of Sciences and Techniques.



Clinical practice

1999 -2003 : : Psychologist : Psychological and electrophysiological assessments. Service Universitaire d’Explorations Fonctionnelles en Pédopsychiatrie - CHU Bretonneau - TOURS.


Since October 2005: teaching for the Second year of the Research and Professional Masters Universities of Tours and Paris V 

October 2000 to January 2001: Supervising in developmental psychology workshops University F. Rabelais of TOURS.

January to May 1999, January to May 2000: demonstrating in Psychophysiology University F. Rabelais of TOURS.



2013-2016 : ANR JCJC 'Autattent'

2007-2014: grant from PHRC regional

2006-2008 : grant from the Orange Foundation for a collaborative project with the INSERM U821 (Lyon)

2003-2004 : Post-doctoral research supported by a grant from the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale. 

1997-2000 : Thesis research supported by a grant from the France Telecom Foundation for Autism.

May 2000 : Grant Congress FEPS, Amsterdam.

June 2000 : Grant Congress MMN, Barcelona

Scientific summary


Autism, Development, Change detection, Restricted interest, perception, attention




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