Stéphane D VINCENT
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  • Phone : 03 88 65 34 25/55
  • Location : Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

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Stéphane D VINCENT PhD Life Sciences, HDR

Course and current status

since 2011: INSERM investigator (Chargé de recherche) at the IGBMC (Institute of Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology), Departement of Developmental Biology and Stem Cells, in Illkirch (France)

2005-2010: INSERM investigator (Chargé de recherche) at the Institut Pasteur, Department of Developmental Biology

Postdoctoral training:

2000-2003: Harvard University, Department of Molecular and Cellular biology, supervisor: Pr Liz Robertson

Graduate studies:

2015: University of Strasbourg (France): Habilitation to conduct researches (HDR)

1995-1999: University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France): PhD in Life Sciences cum laude, supervisors: Dr Minoo Rassoulzadegan and Pr François Cuzin

Undergraduate studies:

1991-1995: Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France)

1991-1994: University of Lyon (France), Major:  Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology (Undergraduate studies (Licence, Maîtrise) and Master Degree (Magistère) in Molecular and Cellular Biology)

1994: Institut Pasteur (France), Fundamental Virology Course

1994: University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France), Master Degree in Virology

Grants and Awards:

2000-2003: Long term Human Frontier Science Program postdoctoral fellow

1999: Post doctoral fellowship from the ARC (Association contre le cancer)

Scientific summary

I am interested in the understanding of how a single cell; the fertilized egg, becomes, after a more or less long period, a multicellular, organized, differentiated organism.

I am an expert in mouse model engineering, molecular genetics and development. I have worked on meiosis, patterning of the embryo, heart development and myogenesis. My current topic of interest is the exploration of the diversity of the basal transcription machinery and its potential implication during development and differentiation.

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