Patrice Marche PhD Biochemistry Immunology

Course and current status

Academic record:

1979: « Fundamental Immunology » diploma, Institut Pasteur, Paris.  

1982: PhD thesis, University René Diderot Paris 7, in Biochemistry option Immunology.

Research positions:

1978-81: PhD student, French Research Department fellowship.

1983-85: post-doctor fellow, Fogherty, NIH-NIAID, Bethesda, MD.

1985-87 Associate Professor, of University Paris 7;

1987-91 Research Investigator of Institut Pasteur Paris;

since 1991 Senior Scientist “Directeur de Recherche” of INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research);


Scientific management:

1996 - 2006: head of the INSERM Research Unit 548, in CEA-Grenoble;

since 2007: head of Analytical Immunology of Chronic Diseases team, in Research Center IAB (U1209 INSERM - CNRS UMR 5309 – University Grenoble-Alpes).

since 2016, directeur adjoint IAB

Coordination (1) of and participation (7) to European research FP or H202 European projects.


1999-2004 for the l’Agence Nationale de Recherche sur le Sida (French Agency for AIDS) in the comity for hepatitis C research;

2005-12: Scientific Advisor of the University Hospital of Grenoble.

2005-12, expert for the National and European Observatory of NanoTechnologies;

2008-16, president of the scientific council of the Ligue contre le Cancer for Rhone-Alpes region;

since 2007 for the DGRI (Research and Innovation Department) of the French  of Research Ministry; member of the steering comity of the Canceropole Auvergne Rhone-Alpes;

Occasional expert for French research organizations (INSERM, CNRS and Universities), for EC FP and H2020 programmes of the European Commission.

Additional activities:

Since 1988 Member of the French Society of Immunology, 1992-97 in Scientific Council, 1994-97 as General Secretary;

2000-11, member of the Medical Research Coucil of the Universty Hospital of Grenoble; member of the Scientific Coucil of the "Centre Jacques Cartier";

since 2002, « Section Editor » of Immunobiology journal



4 patents

Scientific summary

Scientific interests:

1- Fundamental immunology: study of the repertoire of the immune response at the level of the antigen specific receptors of the T lymphocytes and antibodies, and at the level of the regulation of the inflammation and immune responses by dendritic cells and complement system.

2- Immunology in chronic diseases: study of the immune system regulation and deregulation in Viral Hepatitis infections and in inflammation of neurological diseases induced by Human RetroVirus, to define diagnostic/prognostic markers and to assay new therapies.

3- Nano Bio Technology: development of miniaturised tools for analysis of the immune system by protein and cell chip to be used in the frame of medical diagnostic and prognostic; evaluation of putative toxic and deleterious effects of nano materials and particles on the immune system that may lead to chronic inflammatory diseases.

Patents licensed in 2 newly created start-up companies: GeNeuro (Geneva, Sw), ImmunID (Grenoble, Fr).

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