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Philippe Bertolino PhD, Human Biology

Course and current status


  1998: MSc in Genetic Differentiation and Immunology, Univ. Claube Bernard Lyon I (France)

  2003: PhD in Human Biology, Univ. Claube Bernard Lyon I (France)


Present Position:

  2009 to date:   INSERM - CR1 tenure position / Chargé de Recherche Inserm (CSS4)

  Affiliation: Lyon Research Cancer Center (CRCL) U1052, UMR5286, Univ. Lyon I

Team 4: Endocrine Differentiation & Cancer / Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon France.


Previous Positions:

  2008-2009: Staff Scientist, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden)

  2004-2008: Post Doctoral Fellow, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden) - Prof. CF Ibanez

  2003-2004: Post Doctoral Fellow, Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI/AvL), Amsterdam (NL) - Prof P. Ten Dijke


Scientific summary

Research Interests:

  Our research aims to understand and dissect how a TGFb-related group of cytokines named Activins specify their functions in vivo through the use of different receptor complexes.

 Our goal is to elucidate their exact biological functions and implications in tumor lesions that overexpress Activins. We are also approaching their signaling in integrated processes such as Cancer Cachexia and metabolic associated dysfunctions.

 This work aims to provide new therapeutics that would benefit to patients suffering from those conditions. 

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