Cécile HAUMAITRE PhD in Developmental Genetics

Course and current status

- since 2014 : Senior Researcher (CR1 INSERM)-  Group leader team "Genetic and Epigenetic regulation of panceas development". UMR7622 CNRS, IBPS, Sorbonne University, PARIS.

- 2010-2014 : Researcher (CR2 INSERM) - UMR7622 CNRS, UPMC, PARIS.

- 2005-2009 - Post-doctoral research - INSERM U845- Necker Medical University-PARIS

- 2005 - PhD in Developmental Genetics - UPMC, PARIS.

- 2001 - Master’s Degree in Genetics
Magistere of Genetics - Paris 7 University, PARIS.

- 2000 - Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Genetics
Magistere of Genetics - Paris 7 University, PARIS.

Scientific summary

In the lab, we are interested in genetic and epigenetic control of pancreas organogenesis and function, using different mouse models allowing analysis of the role of transcription factors and epigenetic factors.

We focus on the transcription factor HNF1B and the monogenic diabetes MODY5 (Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young), as well as histone deacetylases (HDACs), combining phenotypic, physiological, molecular, and whole genome analyzes.

We study their role in proliferation of pancreatic progenitors,  generation of endocrine precursors,  differentiation and maintenance of endocrine and exocrine cells, pancreatic regeneration and neoplasia.

Our goal is to decipher the regulatory networks governing these processes, in correlation with human physiopathology, diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

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