Thomas HENRY
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  • Location : Lyon, France
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Thomas HENRY PhD in Infectious Diseases, Lyon, France

Course and current status

2009-           Principal Investigator, Inserm DR2

Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie (CIRI)
Inserm U1111, CNRS UMR5308, UCBL, ENSL, Lyon, France          

                       Team “Inflammasome, bacterial infections and autoinflammatory diseases


2005-2009      Post-doc: Stanford University, Dr Denise MONACK’s lab,   

             “caspase-1 dependent cell death of macrophages infected by Francisella tularensis”


2002-2005       PhD: CIML (Immunology Centre of Marseille Luminy), Dr Jean-Pierre GORVEL’s lab        “Physiology of Salmonella typhimurium within eukaryotic cells

Scientific summary

We are studying the innate immune reponses to bacterial infections both from the host and the pathogen sides. We are particularly interested in a key pathway of the antibacterial immune response named the inflammasome.

Francisella tularensis, the agent of tularemia, is bacterium replicating in the host macrophage cytosol. We are using this pathogen as a model to better understand the inflammasome signaling pathway and its regulation as well as to decipher virulence mechanisms targeting this pathway.

Furthermore, we are studying the role of the inflammasome pathway during infections with a major human pathogen: Staphylococcus aureus. In this latter project, we are studying the interaction of S. aureus with the human immune system at the molecular and cellular levels as well as in various animal models of infections. Finally, we are investigating the potential of targeting the inflammasome with drugs in order to limit the severity of certain Staphylococcal diseases.

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