Jean-Noel Freund
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  • Location : INSERM UMR_S1113; Strasbourg, France
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Jean-Noel Freund PhD, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Course and current status

Director of the Unit UMR_S1113 of INSERM / University of Strasbourg: Developmental and Cell Stress Signaling in Digestive and Urological Cancer

Leader of Team 1:  Intestinal Identity: from Stem Cells to Pathology

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PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France (1986): "The rudimentary gene of Drosophila melanogaster: structure, expression and function" (LGME Inserm U184, supervisor: Prof P Chambon).   

Scientific summary

The UMR_S1113 is composed of 3 teams.

> Team 1 (Leader JN Freund): Intestinal identity: from stem cells to pathology.

> Team 2 (Leader C Gaiddon): Molecular mechanism of the stress response and pathologies.

> Team 3 (Leader T Massfelder): Cell signaling and communicaiton in kidney and prostate cancer.


Team 1.

> Our work explores the molecular mechanisms involved in embryonic development and tissue homeostasis, and their alteration in pathologies.

> We focus on cancer and inflammatory diseases in the digestive tract and hematopoietic system.

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