Jacques NUNES
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  • Location : MARSEILLE, France
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Jacques NUNES PhD Immunology & Cell Signaling

Course and current status

Professional experiences


2010-present: Directeur de Recherche II INSERM, Cancer Research Center of Marseille, Immunology department, head of the Lymphocyte Activation Group, Marseille

2001-2010: Chargé de Recherche I INSERM, INSERM UMR 599/891 : Centre de Recherche en Cancerologie de Marseille, Immunology department, head of the Lymphocyte Activation Group, Marseille

1997-2001: Chargé de Recherche II INSERM, INSERM U119, Molecular and Functional Immunology Laboratory (head : Daniel Olive), Marseille.

1996-97: Post-doctoral fellow, Centre d'Immunologie INSERM-CNRS de Marseille-Luminy (CIML), Interactions lymphocytaires Laboratory (head : Bernard Malissen), Marseille, France.

1993-95: Post-doctoral fellow, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Lymphocyte Activation Laboratory (head : Doreen A. Cantrell), London, UK.


1998: National Diploma "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches", University Aix-Marseille II.

1992: Ph. D., University Aix-Marseille II.

Scientific summary

We are involved in: 
- analyzing cell signaling events in lymphocytes to identify the driving force of those cells for controling antitumoral responses, 
- dissecting cell signaling events in cancer cells to improve chemotherapy.

Signal transduction studies correspond to a major investigation field for dissecting the mechanisms involved in the regulation of cellular functions. In T cells, our work focuses on the activation of a specific signaling pathway which turns-on upon T Cell Receptor (TCR) and costimulatory molecules triggering : the phosphatidyl-inositol 3’-kinase (PI-3K) signaling pathway (for review Okkenhaug K. and Vanhaesebroeck B., Nat. Rev. Immnuol. 2003). This PI-3K pathway has also a role in many tumor cells (for review Vivanco I. and Sawyers C.L., Nat. Rev. Cancer 2002)

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