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Danièle EVAIN-BRION MD Pediatrician PhD Biology

Course and current status

Danièle Evain Brion is director of research at Inserm and a pediatric endocrinologist. She obtained her MD (1977) from the University Paris Descartes and her PhD (1980) from the University Paris-Sud. She did her residency in Pediatrics and her scientific postdoctoral training in Ira Pastan laboratory at the NCI in Bethesda, granted by a NIH fogarty fellowship.

She is the director of the laboratory “Normal and Pathological pregnancy”, an INSERM unit at the University Paris Descartes since 1995 and director of the foundation for scientific cooperation PremUP (www.premup.org), focusing on pregnancy and prematurity, since 2007. She has 30 years of clinical experience in pediatric endocrinology.

She has been nominated in many scientific national and international committees, was a member of the Placenta and Trophoblast Research board. She is the member of the IFPA executive committee.

Her clinical and research activities are aimed to promote translational bed-to-bench research on the etiopathogenic mechanisms of pregnancy-related disorders from placental origin.


Scientific summary

Her main fields of investigation are human placental development and hormonal functions and the placental dysfunctions observed in genetic disease such as Trisomy 21 and in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction.

Specific projects include regulation of human trophoblast differentiation, the molecular mechanisms involved in trophoblast fusion and invasion, the role of nuclear receptors, and the detection of soluble markers of trophoblast dysfunction.


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