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Rémy PEDEUX PhD Biochemistry

Course and current status

During my PhD I investigated the response of melanocytes to UV irradiation under the supervision of Dr Jean-François Doré (INSERM 453, Lyon, France). As a postdoctoral fellow in Dr Curtis Harris Laboratory (Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis, NCI/NIH, Bethesda, USA), I participated in the identification and characterization of a new family of tumor suppressor genes, the ING (INhibitor of Growth) genes. In 2005, I returned to France in the laboratory of Pr Christian Brambilla (INSERM U823, Grenoble) and set up a project aiming at understanding by which mechanisms ING proteins and especially ING2 could play a role in tumor suppression. In 2009 I joined the INSERM U917 in Rennes (Pr Karin Tarte), in partnership with EFS-Bretagne and was recruited as an INSERM investigator in 2010. Apart from my main project, I am interested in the mechanisms of cellular senescence as well as the cellular and tumor response to radiotherapy.


Scientific summary

Status and functions of a new family of tumor suppressor genes, the ING (INhibitor of Growth) genes

We are investigating the status and role of a new family of tumor suppressor genes, the ING (Inhibitor of Growth) genes in human cancers and more especially in B-cell lymphoma. Numerous studies have shown that ING proteins play important roles in multiple cellular processes such as cell growth, apoptosis and senescence etc. Interestingly, ING1 KO mice have a high frequency of B-cell lymphoma originating from the germinal centre. Our research aims at investigating: i) the role of ING genes in mature B-cells differentiation, ii) the involvement of ING proteins in DNA replication and repair, iii) the status of ING genes in human tumors, iv) the development of B-cell lymphoma mouse models. Presently, we are more especially focusing our work on finding new tumor suppressive functions for ING proteins.

Please contact me if you are interested to work on this project as a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow.


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