Martin Hagedorn MD, PhD

Course and current status

1996 Medical thesis, University of Cologne

1996-98 Postdoc with Erkki Ruoslahti, Burnham Institute, La Jolla, California

1999-2003 PhD thesis with Andreas Bikfalvi, INSERM U920, Talence

2004 ATER, INSERM U920, Talence

09/2004 - Assistent Professor (MCU), University Bordeaux 1

2006 Habilitation à diriger la recherche, University Bordeaux 1

2007-2010: PEDR (Research prime)

2011-2014: PES (Research prime)

2015-2019: PEDR (Research prime)

2019-2022: PEDR (Research prime)

Scientific summary

During cancer progression, tumor cells emerge, proliferate and invade the host tissue and eventually colonize distinct organs. Complex interactions between the malignant cells and their environment take place through secretion of cytokines, growth factors and other bioactive molecules which modify the behavior of normal stromal cells to support tumor growth.

The aim of my research is to dissect morphological and molecular changes occurring in the curse of tumor growth in pre-clinicial tumor models (chick embryo, zebrafish, mouse models) as well as  in vitro models to test candidate molecules on their impact on various aspects of the angiogenic process.

My publications are here:

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