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sylvie gazzeri PhD

Course and current status

2006-present : Permanent position at INSERM (DR2) in E.Brambilla’s team, INSERM U823 (Director C.Brambilla). Albert Bonniot Institute, Grenoble, France. Co-team leader since 2010.

1992-2005 : Permanent position at INSERM (CR2 then CR1) in E.Brambilla’s team, INSERM U578 (Director C.Brambilla), Albert Bonniot Institute, Grenoble, France

1988-1992 : Potsdoctoral fellow in the Lung Cancer Research Group (Director C.Brambilla), Grenoble, France.

1985-1987 PhD Student at Creteil University (Paris XII), Laboratory of neuroimmunoendocrine Pharmacology (Advisor : Gilles Fillion), Pasteur Institute, Paris, France. 

Scientific summary

The goal of my research is (1) to identify the molecular biomarkers of clonal selection in lung cancer and to study the mechanisms by which they participate to the development of lung cancer ; (2) to identify targets and molecular mechanisms involved in the sensitivity/resistance of lung cancer to conventional or targeted therapies in order to improve treatment or to define new personnalized combination of therapies. To do this, I use various cellular models and primary tumor samples thanks to the CRB of the CHU Michallon. I started working on the Myc family oncogenes and then moved to the RB/p53 tumor suppressors and some component of their signalling pathways (CDKI p15INK4 and p16INK4a, cyclins, MDM2, E2F1, ARF). I also done some work on protein acetylation (histones and non histones) and on chromating modifying ennzymes such as Histone Acetyl Transferases (HATs). More recently I focused my research on the signalling pathways activated by some Tyrosine kinase receptors (EGFR, IGF1R..). The goal is to understand their role in lung cancer progression and in the response to targeted therapies

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