Christian Brambilla
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Christian Brambilla MD Professor pulmonary medecine

Course and current status

Medical Studies  1968.72 Grenoble Medical School

Internship 1972.76 Grenoble University Hospital

MD Thesis 1976: “From pulmonary emboli to thromboembolic venopulmonary disease”

Respiratory Board 1976, Pathology Board 1976, Oncology Board 1985.

Post Doctoral Formation 1977.78 University of California at San Diego : Pathology Department (Averill A. Liebow) training in interstitial human, animal and experimental pneumonia

Assistant Chef de Clinique 1978.81 Grenoble University

First Medical Director of ANTADIR: Association Nationale de Traitement à Domicile des Insuffisant Respiratoires (1981.82) Paris: creation of a national home care structure which allowed hundred of thousands of patients to return home with oxygen therapy or assisted ventilation

Professor of the Universities 1982- Grenoble University in Pulmology, 2007 promotion to the “Classe Exceptionnelle”

Head of the Respiratory Disease Service 1996.2000

Head of the Department of Acute Specialised Medicine (Intensive Care Medicine, Respiratory and Infectious Diseases), 2000-2006

Head of the “Pôle of  Acute and Communitary Medicine (Intensive Care Medicine, Respiratory and Infectious Diseases and Home Hospitalization)

2011-2015 Head of the Pôle of Oncology, Acute and Communitary medecine

2016 consultant in Pulmonology

2015 president of Agiradom association ,

2016 president of IC@dom first  french home clinical research center validated by ARS


Scientific summary

Head of the INSERM Research Unit : Molecular Bases of Lung Carcinogenesis (U 578) : 1999-2006 , this research lab was created from level 0 in 1978 and ended with a 60 person structure including 6 full time researcher recruited by INSERM after training in the lab by giving birth to 3 INSERM research team in the Research Center created in 2007

Head of the INSERM Research Center “Institut Albert Bonniot” molecular oncogenesis and ontogenesis 2007-2015.including 11 teams, 250 searchers and technicians and 5 biothechnological platforms

2011-2015 Head of the GIRC: Grenoble Institute of Research on Cancer  , this federative structure gathers all the  structures taking part to the research on cancer on the site of Grenoble associated with the Cancer Register and the University Hospital

2016 senior scientific advisor “Institut Albert Bonniot”


Associate Editor : European Respiratory Journal

Cofunder of the EU Early Lung Cancer Detection group“Chargé de Mission” National Institute of Cancer

Member of the Steering Committee of National Lung Cancer Project (INCA DHOS)

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