Samuel Valable Ph.D., Neuro-oncology, brain perfusion, hypoxia, imaging

Course and current status

2009: Researcher at CNRS, UMR 6232 CINAPS (Pr B Mazoyer), UMR 6301 ISTCT (Dr B Mazoyer).

2007-2009 : Post-doctoral position at UMR CNRS 6332 Caen (Pr B mazoyer), Advisor: Dr M Bernaudin.

2005-2006 : Post-doctoral position at INSERM U594 Grenoble (Dr C Segebarth), Advisor: Dr C Remy and E Barbier.

2000-2004: PhD thesis at University of Caen Basse Normandie, UMR CNRS 6185, Advisor: Pr E Petit.

Scientific summary

I have a background in Molecular and Cellular Biology (PhD). I have also been working on the use of MRI to assess angiogenesis in brain tumor but also for cell tracking and on the use of PET to assess hypoxia and cell proliferation. My main fields of application are brain tumours in experimental models and in patients with the objective of improving current brain tumor treatments (anti-angiogenic, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) but also for the development of new therapeutic approaches.

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