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Patrick MERLE Patrick MERLE MD,PhD Hospital Practitioner

Course and current status

Degree in Medecine (MD), Supplementary Specialized Studies Diploma in Pulmology, University of Medecine-Auvergne, France,2001

Master II Research, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Auvergne university, Clermont-Fd, France, 2002 

Supplementary Specialized Studied Diploma in Canczer Research, University of Medecine-Auvergne, France,2003

PhD Experimental cancerology : "G-quadruplexes ligands : chemo and radiosentizing effect in glioblastoma and  Non Small Cell Lung Cancer" 2011

Since 2004 Hospital Practitioner/CHU-Clermont-Fd, France Pulmology and thoracic Oncology Department, France

Scientific summary

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