Francois Vallette
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  • Location : nantes, France
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Francois Vallette control of apoptosis in CNS tumors

Course and current status


First name : François

Date of birth : 07/07/58

Place of birth : Paris 9eme

Citizenship : french

Title : Directeur de Recherche Classe exceptionnelle INSERM 

team  10 of UMR INSERM 1307 Nantes Université


Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie et Immunologie Intégrées Nantes-Angers

UMR 1307 Nantes Université

8 quai Moncousu, 44035 Nantes CEDEX 01 France.

Tel : 33 (0)228080324

e-mail :




PhD Thesis (Biochemistry), University of Paris VII, 1984

HDR, University of Paris VI, 1993


Inserm Scientific Referent (Nantes and Rennes sites)

Member of the Editorial Boards of  Molecular Cancer

Associate member of the Editorial Boards of "BMC Cancer", "BMC Cell Biology".

Area of expertise

Oncogenesis, apoptosis, mitochondria, intracellular traffic.

Scientific summary

I am interested in the molecular mechanisms involved in the control of apoptosis in brain tumors. This includes the control of the acitvities of members of the bCL-2 family by lipids, glucose metabolism and epigenetic regulation. Our studies belong to both basic and translational researches.

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