Francois Vallette
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  • Location : nantes, France
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Francois Vallette control of apoptosis in CNS tumors

Course and current status


First name : François

Date of birth : 07/07/58

Place of birth : Paris 9eme

Citizenship : french

Title : Director of Research INSERM (1st class)

Head of the lab “apoptosis and tumoral progression” team 9 of the Nantes-Angers Cancer and Immunology Research Center ( UMR INSERM 1232, Université de Nantes).


Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie et Immunologie Nantes-Angers

UMR 1232, Université de Nantes

8 quai Moncousu, 44035 Nantes CEDEX 01 France.

Tel : 33 (0)228080324

e-mail :




PhD Thesis (Biochemistry), University of Paris VII, 1984

HDR, University of Paris VI, 1993


President CSS2 Inserm (2017-2022)

Member of the Editorial Boards of  Molecular Cancer

Associate member of the Editorial Boards of "BMC Cancer", "BMC Cell Biology".

Area of expertise

Oncogenesis, apoptosis, mitochondria, intracellular traffic.

Scientific summary

I am interested in the molecular mechanisms involved in the control of apoptosis in brain tumors. This includes the control of the acitvities of members of the bCL-2 family by lipids, glucose metabolism and epigenetic regulation. Our studies belong to both basic and translational researches.

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