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Thomas Lefebvre PhD in Neurosciences

Course and current status

2010 - 2014 : SynAging (Nancy, France)

Since 2014 : Actelion (Allschwil, Suisse)

Scientific summary

Scientist PhD drug discovery-oriented, specialized in GPCRs and ion channels with experience in Neurosciences and Immunology.

Topics of studies: screening, GPCRs (desorphanization, signaling and dimerization), ion channels (pharmacology and physiology), nervous system diseases and animal behavior.

Skills: Project Management - Assay Development - Preclinical Pharmacology

- Drug discovery

- Cell-based assays: GPCR signaling, cytotoxicity assays, FACS, siRNA

- Cell culture: tissue slices, microexplants, primary cells, recombinant mammalian cells

- Molecular biology: RNA extraction, Q-RT-PCR, PCR, subcloning, gel agarose electrophoresis

- Stereotactic surgery: injection, lesioning and cannulation

- Small molecules screening using phenotypic screen

- Histology: immunofluorescence and image analysis by confocal microscopy

- Patch-clamp electrophysiology: whole-cell recordings, neuronal activity

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