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Philippos Mourikis DR CNRS

Course and current status

BS Marine biology and genetics, University of London

PhD Drosophila and Notch signalling, Harvard Medical School and Paris-Orsay

Postdoc Skeletal muscle develompent in mice and Notch signalling, Pasteur Institut, Paris

Senior Scientist (CR1 CNRS), Skeletal muscle develompent in mice and Notch signalling, Institut de Myologie, Paris

Stem cells-niche interactions Group, Director of Research (DR2 CNRS), Institut Mondor, Créteil

Scientific summary

Muscle stem cell-niche interactions

Our group studies the mechanisms of muscle stem cell regulation with a special focus on the quiescence niche and Notch signalling. We combine mouse genetics with high throughput approaches to dissect the signalling crosstalk during the establishment, maintenance and activation of the quiescent cells. Our work has contributed to the notion that muscle stem cells (MuSCs) are architects of their own niche and Notch a driving force for the build-up of a dynamic extracellular matrix. Acknowledging the central role of the stem cell-niche interaction we have developed specialised protocols for the isolation of true quiescent cells and identified a new state of early activation.    

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