Fabrice Ango PhD Neurobiology

Course and current status

2020- Present: Team leader of “Somatosensori-Cerebellar Circuit Development and Plasticity" at Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier (INM; Montpellier).

2014 to 2020:   Team leader of “Cerebellar GABAergic circuit” at the institut de génomomique fonctionelle (IGF; Montpellier).

2014 to Present : Research Director (DR2)


2006 to 2009:  Researcher at CNRS (grade CR1, France).

2002 to /2005: Postdoctoral fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (NY, USA).            Team of Dr. Josh Z. Huang. HSFP and NARSAD Fellowships.

1997 to 2001: CNRS UPR 9023 (France), PhD student, Neurobiology, Supervisor: Dr. Laurent Fagni

Scientific summary

Our long-term scientific interest is to understand the basic design principles of the central nervous system circuits and how experience shapes the function of these circuits. Deciphering the functional neuronal connectivity within the central nervous system, a tissue of apparently “impenetrable complexity” (Cajal), requires technologies to visualize the basic cell types and their synaptic targets at high resolution and in living tissue. The ultimate way to achieve this is to employ neurons’ own molecular machinery (e.g. cell type-specific transcription, subcellular transport, secretion, and endocytosis). Therefore, the team has been developing mouse genetic and viral strategies to visualize defined neuronal cell types in both spinal cord and cerebellar cortex and to manipulate their function in the context of pathologies associated with these systems.

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