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Arnaud Jacquel PhD, Researcher

Course and current status

- 2018: Certification of Supervisory Ability (HDR)

- 2013- : Tenured Senior Researcher at Inserm U1065, C3M, Nice, France

- 2009-2012: Post-Doctoral fellow at the Inserm U895, Team Cell Death, Differentiation and Cancer, Nice, France, Fellowship: Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer (2009-2012)

- 2006-2009: Post-Doctoral fellow at the Inserm U866, Team Cancer and Differentiation, Dijon, France ; Fellowship: Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer (2006-2009)

- 2002-2005: PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology Inserm U526, University of UCA , Nice, France. Scholarship: Grant from the French Government

I'm currently Tenured Senior Researcher at Inserm U1065 (C3M, Nice, France) directed by Dr. Patrick Auberger




Scientific summary

My group focus on the study of myeloid immunosuppressive cells, as anti-inflammatory macrophages (Leukemia-associated macrophages) and MDSCs, in the hematopoietic malignancies (AML, MDS and CMML). The main function of these cells in cancer is to inhibit the anti-tumoral immune response. Therefore, understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in the LAMs and MDSCs generation might provide an opportunity for the design of novel therapeutic strategies. A better characterization of their origin, phenotype and ability to trigger an anti-tumor response and how these different myeloid immunosuppressive subpopulations could be impacted by anticancer therapies is urgently needed to selectively target/reprogram them in different types of leukemia.

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