Fabien Brette
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  • Location : Bordeaux, France
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Fabien Brette PhD physiology

Course and current status


2000:             Doctor of Philosophy. University of Tours (France), Physiology.

1996:             Master of Research. University of Tours (France), Membrane Biology.

1995:             Master of Science. University of Tours (France), Physiology.

1994:             Bachelor of Science. University of Tours (France), Cell biology.


2016-date:      Research Associate INSERM. INSERM U1045, University of Bordeaux, IHU-LIRYC.


2014-2016:     Research Associate. University of Bordeaux, INSERM U1045, IHU-LIRYC.

2011-2014:     Research Associate. Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Station.

2006-2011:     Wellcome Trust Research Fellow. University of Manchester (UK).

2005-2006:     Wellcome Trust Research Fellow. University of Bristol (UK).

2005:             Postdoctoral Fellow. University of Bristol (UK).

2000-2005:     Postdoctoral Fellow. University of Leeds (UK).


2007:             Finalist for the Promega Young Life Scientist Award (Life Sciences meeting, UK).

2005:             Research Career Development Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust (UK).

2004:             Runner-up for the Richard Bing Young Investigator Award of the International Society for Heart Research.

1997:             Pre-doctoral fellowship from the Ministry of Research (France).

Scientific summary

My main scientific interest is focused on cardiac excitation-contraction coupling in both in normal and pathophysiological situation. I have made several contributions to the field by investigating:

-Excitation-contraction coupling in cardiac myocytes focusing on electrophysiology and Ca cycling

-Large animal model

-Modulation of the cardiac calcium current.

-Role of the transverse-tubules in cardiac physiology

-Fish heart as a model of human cardiac physio- and pathophysiology.

-Impact of pollution on cardiac excitation-contraction coupling.

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