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Frederique VEGRAN PhD molecular biology. HDR

Course and current status

since 2016 : CR1. CRI UMR1231. CAdIR Team. Dijon, FRANCE

2010-2016 : Post-doc. CRI UMR1231. CAdIR Team. Dijon, FRANCE. Dir: Pr F. GHIRINGHELLI. "Regulation of T cell differenciation".

2007-2010 : Post-doc. UCL. FATH lab. Bruxel, BELGIUM. Dir: Pr O FERON. "Hypoxia and glycolysis in tumor microenvironmment".

2003-2007: Thesis. Laboratoire de Génétique Moléculaire. Centre CG Leclerc. Dijon. FRANCE. Dir: Dr S LIZARD. "Alternative splicing of apoptosis genes in breast  cancer".

Scientific summary

My current research activity aims at studying the differentiation mechanisms of immune celles so that they can be reprogrammed. In this context, I am interested in the regulation of the differentiation, activation and exhaustion of T cells. 

During my career, I have come to understand disciplines as different as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology. Despite everything, there is one point in all of this work: cancer, and how to by pass the mechanisms developed by tumors to resist strategies aimed at eliminating them.

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