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emmanuel letavernier MD, PhD

Course and current status

Emmanuel Letavernier, aged 46, is professor of physiology, nephrologist and Hospital practitioner (PU-PH) at Sorbonne University and Tenon hospital in Paris (AP-HP). He belongs to the UMR S 1155 unit (Sorbonne/INSERM) directed by Dr Chatziantoniou and focuses his research on kidney stones and tissue calcifications (biomineralization).

Scientific summary

Pathological biomineralization is a major determinant of kidney diseases (kidney stones, nephrocalcinosis, Randall's plaque) and may also affect various tissues including arteries, skin, cancer tissues etc...

Emmanuel Letavernier and his group developed a strong network of collaborations with physicists, chemists, biologists and physicians, in France but also in various countries. One of the main aims of this consortium is to identify the very first events leading to tissue calcification and to a larger extent the complex relationships between minerals and living cells.  In addition, translational appoaches are developed to propose new therapeutics targeting crystals formation in urine, kidney tissues and arteries.

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