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Yves DELNESTE PhD Immunology

Course and current status

After my PhD in Immunology (University of Lille, France), I took a postodoctoral position at the Institute of Molecular Biology in Geneva (1994-1996) before being recruited as Head of the Research department at the Pierre Fabre Immunology Center (1997-2003). I then worked as an invited assistant professor at the University of Angers (2003-2004) before being promoted to research director at Inserm in 2005.

Currently, I am in charge of a research team within the Integrated Cancer and Immunology Research Center in Angers.

Scientific summary

My field of expertise is the innate immune system, with a focus on the biology of human macrophages and of soluble innate immunity receptors (soluble PRR).
Concerning the biology of macrophages, I am interested in the mechanisms of functional polarization, with a recent interest in the immune metabolism, and the process of differentiation/polarization in pathological settings (cancer, chronic inflammation).
Concerning the biology of sPRRs, I am interested in their role in the handling of endogenous (released by dead cells) or exogenous (expressed by microbes) danger signals.

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