LACOMBE Didier MD, Professor of Medical Genetics

Course and current status

PU-PH since 1995, currently CE2

Head Department of Pediatrics (1998-1999), Department of Medical Genetics (2000-2021)

Coordonnator Center of Reference "Developmental anomalies SOOR" (2004-), member of the ERN ITHACA (2018-)

President National College of Teachers in Medical Genetics (1998-2005)

President CNU 47 and 47.04 (2007-2009)

President FFGH (2011-2018)

President CRDN Nouvelle Aquitaine (2018-)

Member National Academy of Medicine (2013-)

President National Commission of Qualification, Conseil National de l'ordre des Médecins (2018-)

Member Conseil d'Administration Fondation Maladies Rares (2020-)

Director EA 4576 (2010-2015)

Direrctor INSERM Unit 1211 (2016-)

Scientific summary

Didier Lacombe is a pediatrician and a medical geneticist at Bordeaux University Hospital. He is professor of medical genetics since 1995 at the University of Bordeaux and is the Director of a research laboratory dedicated to rare diseases (INSERM unit U1211). The INSERM unit U1211 consist of around 50 people. The research is dedicated to genetics and metabolics approaches in rare diseases, mostly on developmental malformation syndromes. He is the coordinator of a national center for reference in birth defects and malformation syndromes since 2004.

Didier Lacombe has been President of the French College of Medical Genetics (1998-2005), of the University National Council for Genetics at the Ministry of Health (2007-2010), and of the French Federation of Human Genetics (2012-2018). His main interest concern genetic developmental anomalies, and metabolic disorders.

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