Colette DEHAY Building the cerebral cortex: Cell and molecular mechanisms

Course and current status

Current position:

Research Director (DRCE, CNRS), Head of Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute



1996-2006: Team Leader INSERM U371, Cerveau et Vision, directed by H. Kennedy

2005-2010: Head of PrimaStem (emerging platform IBISA 2008).

2007-2010: Team Leader, Inserm U846, Institut Cellule Souche et Cerveau, directed by H. Kennedy.

2011-2015: Team Leader, AERES rank A+ in 2010.

2011-2015: Director of Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute (SBRI) Inserm U846, A+ ranking by AERES in 2010.

2016-2020: Director of Stem Cell and Brain Research (SBRI), Inserm U1208. Ranked « oustanding » by HCERES in 2015.

2016-2020: Team Leader, HCERES rank outstanding, 2015

since 1/1/2016 : Director of USC 1361 INRA

Since 2017: Creation of the Connectomics platform, which employs machine learning high-throughput technics for cell-type recognition and quantification of tract-tracing data. Multi-model parcellation techniques combing high-resolution diffusion and functional MRI imaging allowing multi-scale characterization of cortical networks.(

since 2021 : Director of Stem Cell and Brain Research (SBRI), Inserm U1208. Ranked excellent by HCERES in 2015.

since 2021 : Team Leader, « Building the cerebral cortex », ranked outstanding by HCERES in 2020

Scientific summary

Our research focuses on the mechanisms governing the development of the cerebral cortex in rodents and primates, using cellular, molecular and modeling/simulation approaches as well as on the structural features of the primate cortex connectome. Our team « Building the cerebral cortex » is a member of the LabEx DEVweCAN coordinated by P. Melhen (Development and cancer) and the LabEx CORTEX coordinated by H. Kennedy/JL Bessereau


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