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Daniela Popa PhD Pharmacology & Neuroscience

Course and current status

PhD in Pharmacology and Neuroscience at the University Paris-Descartes in the laboratory of Michel Hamon (with Joelle Adrien) on the links between serotonin and mood disorders using serotoninergic mutant rodents and animal models of depression (2001-2005).

Postdoc in the laboratory of Denis Paré at Rutgers University (NJ) on training in neurophysiology in vivo studying the mechanisms of fear and fear extinction (2006-2009).

INSERM researcher at Institut de Biologie of the Ecole Normale Superieure (IBENS) in Paris (since 2010). Study of cerebro-cerebellar networks in normal and pathological states.

HDR in Biology from the ENS (2016)

co-PI of the team Neurophysiolgy of Brain Circuits, IBENS (since 2016).

INSERM research director (since 2020)

Scientific summary

I am interested in the study of brain activity in normal and pathological conditions. In the last years, my work focused on the cerebellar activity and its involvement in the motor and emotional circuits in normal and animal models of neurological pathologies. My current activity aims at evaluating the influence of the cerebellum on the dynamics of thalamo-cortical activity in normal rodents and in animal models of motor pathologies (Parkinson’s Disease, dystonia) and of emotional pathologies. We are using multi-site cellular and field recordings in the cerebello-thalamo-cortical circuit in behaving animals and we manipulate the output of the cerebellum using chemogenetics and optogenetics to evaluate its contribution to thalamo-cortical activity during a motor/emotional tasks.


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