Hugues Berry PhD biomedical engineering, Habilitation bioinformatics

Course and current status

Since 01/2020: Directeur de Recherche Inria (DR1, research full professor, with tenure), Inria Lyon

09/2013: Directeur de Recherche Inria (DR2), Inria Lyon

10/2009: Move to Inria Lyon

09/2004: Chargé de Recherche Inria (CR1, research associate professor, with tenure), Inria Saclay

09/2000: Maître de Conférence (associate professor), Univ. Cergy-Pontoise, Life Sci Dept

09/1999: A.T.E.R.,  Univ. Cergy-Pontoise, Life Sci Dept

09/1996-08/1999: PhD Student (MESR grant), Univ. Technology of Compiègne

Scientific summary

Since 2018, I have been serving as deputy scientific director of Inria, in charge of the research in digital biology and health. My mission consists in implementing Inria’s strategy vis-à-vis our academic and industrial collaborators on the application of numerical sciences (applied mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence) to biology or health and in propounding potential new perspectives to our research teams working in those fields.

A computational cell biologist, my research focuses on mathematical and computer models of the spatio- temporal dynamics of biochemical reactions involved in cell signaling, in particular in brain cells: neurons and astrocytes.

My publication track comprises more than 70 articles, mostly in journals for experimental and computational biology but also in computer science and applied mathematics. 

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