Hugues Chabriat Professor of Neurology

Course and current status

  • Medical Studies, Externat, CHU La Timone, Marseille, France (1980-1986)
  • Residency - Hôpitaux d’Ile de France (DES) – specialty Neurology 1986-1991
  • Military Service: Val de Grâce, Paris : 1990-1991 (Neurosurgery, Pr Desgeorges)
  • Physician Researcher Unité INSERM 25 - Neurology Hôpital Sainte-Antoine : 1992-1993
  • Chef de Clinique - Assistant, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, 1993-1997
  • Consultant, Hôpital Saint Antoine and Lariboisiére, 1997-2002 and  Industry (Synthelabo)
  • Professor of Neurology since 1st september 2002 (Exceptional Class,–University Paris)
  • Coordinator of the National Referral Centre for rare vascular diseases of the brain and retina ( since 2005
  • Head of the Neurology Department, DMUNeurosciences, Hôpital Lariboisiére, 2009-2021
  • Head of the Translational Neurovascular Centre, Hopital Lariboisiere since 2022
  • Coordinator of DHU NeuroVasc 2012-2018 and of FHU-NeuroVasc since 2020 (
  • Vice-President of the French NeuroVascular Society 2015-2017
  • Board of Directors of the European Stroke Organization (member) since 2019
  • Awarded “THE BRAIN PRIZE” in 2019  

Scientific summary

Hugues Chabriat MD PhD is currently tenured Professor of Neurology at Université de Paris and the head of the Tranlational NeuroVascular Centre in Lariboisiere Hospital in Paris (France). He also heads the national referral center for rare vascular diseases of the brain and retina in France and was previously Vice-Chair of the French Neurovascular Society (SFNV). He has long been studying the clinical and imaging aspects of stroke and was involved in different clinical trials. His research is particularly dedicated to the clinical and imaging features of cerebral small vessel disease with a strong expertise in hereditary forms of these disorders and in CADASIL. He has published more than 250 research papers or chapters on stroke disorders or cerebral small vessel disease and is member of the editorial board of different scientific journals related to clinical stroke or medicine. 

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