Delphine MURIAUX
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  • Location : Montpellier, France
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Delphine MURIAUX Domaines membranaires et Assemblage Viral

Course and current status

Delphine Muriaux (CNRS research director) has been working with enveloped RNA viruses for 25 years (at IGR Villejuif, NCI-NIH USA, ENS Lyon, IRIM Montpellier) after a PhD from UPMC Paris. She has been interested in microscopy technologies applied to viruses since 2000. DM got interested first in characterizing retrovirus assembly processes by electron microscopy, and other human enveloped viruses (HIV, MLV, Influenza, SARS-CoV2, Arboviruses) by laser confocal microscopy and Atomic force microscopy, and super-resolution microscopy (SRM) in living host cells. DM participated in several workshops devoted to the transmission of microscopy knowledge applied to virology (International F-BIAT, MiFoBio, national CNRS entreprise and several ANF). The MDVA team, in CNRS Montpellier since 2012, showed advances in the field of virus-membrane and viral protein-host factor interactions and advanced SRM that have been recognized and granted by ANRS, ANR, CNRS, EU, Region Occitanie, PSPC and Infectiopôle. DM authors 62 publications with an average citation of 36/year, h-index 29. DM is also investigated in several scientific board or council such as, Club Exo-Endo, CSA Inserm and the international IRNCAS. She is the vice-Presidente ofthe Club Exo-endo since 2019. She is an editor at Sci Reports, Viruses and COVID, reviewers at several peer-reviewed journal in cell biology, immunology and virology. She is also the head Director of CEMIPAI since 2017.

Scientific summary

Our team is interested in the role of viral matrix and capsid proteins as well as lipids and membrane domains in the assembly of RNA envelopped viruses in their host cells. We are studying these phenomena quantitatively at the single-molecule scale in living cells and in model systems in order to decipher virus assembly mechanisms, viral particle formation and egress.

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