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frederic jaisser MD, PhD

Course and current status


2001 Diploma in Biomedical Innovation and Research Transfer, Paris V University, France

1993 PhD, Life Sciences, Paris VII University, France

1990 Residency in Nephrology, France

1989 MD, Medicine Faculty, Reims, France



Director of Research INSERM (DR1 since 2013; appointed DR2 1996)



- Deputy Director of the Cordeliers Research Center (2019-present )

- Head of the “Physiology, Metabolism” Department, Cordeliers Research Center (2019-present)

- Deputy Director Inserm Research Team Metabolic Diseases, Diabetes, Comorbidities (2019-present)

 - President INSERM Specialized Scientific Committee (CSS3) (2022-present)

- President of French-South America (Chile/Argentina/Uruguay) Scientific Cooperation Committee of the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry. ECOS- Sud (http://www.univ-paris13.fr/cofecub-ecos/ecos-sud) (2014-present)

- European Affairs Officer, Institute of Biological Sciences CNRS (2017-2018)

- Chair of the FP7 COST network ADMIRE dedicate to aldosterone from basic to clinic  (2014-2017) (20 european countries, 45 laboratories) http://www.admirecost.eu

- Scientific Delegate of the Pathophysiology Committee of the National Research Agency (2010-2015)

- member INSERM Specialized Scientific Committee (CSS4) (2009-2012)

Scientific summary

My objective is to improve the understanding of the pathophysiological roles and signaling pathways whereby the hormone aldosterone promotes pathologies in various diseases including renal, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. My work combines cellular and molecular approaches, animal pathophysiology, pharmacological studies .  My interest includes translational research aimed to identify and validate biomarkers of Mineralocorticoid Receptor activation in cardiovascular and  renal  diseases and to explore novel therapeutic use of Mineralocorticoid Receptor antagonists. I am co-PI or partner of several clinical trials to assess these possibilities

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