Lori Bridal
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  • Location : Paris, France
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Lori Bridal Research Director, CNRS

Course and current status

Research Director in the French National Research Center (CNRS) and the Director of the Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging (Sorbonne University, Inserm & CNRS) in Paris, France developing biomedical imaging research to address the major public health of age-related bone modifications, cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease.

1988: B.S. degree in Physics from Oklahoma State University as a National Merit Scholar

1990 M.S. degree in Physics from Washington University in Saint Louis.

1994 Ph.D. degree in Physics from Washington University in Saint Louis.

1995 post-doctoral research in the Parametric Imaging Laboratory in Paris, France supported by a French Chateaubriand Fellowship.

1997 CR CNRS in the Parametric Imaging Laboratory in Paris, France.

Scientific summary

Research interests include the development of more robust image-based assessments and integration of multi-parametric information (chiefly with ultrasound) for specific and sensitive evaluation of cancer status and its therapeutic response. Signatures of my research are to strive to achieve system-independent measurements from localized regions so that parameter maps can be compared more effectively over time.

Received the CNRS Bronze Medal in 2004 for original research demonstrating that high-resolution, localized measurements of intrinsic tissue acoustic properties could be used to map atherosclerotic plaque composition. Fundamental studies of “post-excitation” acoustic emissions from ultrasound contrast agent microbubbles recognized with an award for best published paper in the IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonic Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control in 2006.  Co-author of work receiving the Best Paper award in 2015 at the IEEE UFFC International Ultrasonics Symposium. I have given 13 invited presentations at international conferences and participated in international collaborations (PICS CNRS, Fulbright, NIH).

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