Isabelle BALDI
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  • Location : Bordeaux, France
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Isabelle BALDI Professor in Environmental and Occupational Health

Course and current status

I am a medical doctor, specialist in Public Health and Occupational Health (1985-1995). I completed a master's degree in epidemiology on the link between asthma and air pollution (1994) and then a thesis in epidemiology (1995-1998) on chronic neurological diseases linked to the occupational use of pesticides. I was appointed Lecturer-Hospital Practitioner in 2001. I obtained the licence to supervise research in 2006 (HDR). I benefited from an interface contract for hospital staff at INSERM in 2008 then in 2013. I was appointed University Professor-Hospital Practitioner in 2015. I lead the Cancer Epidemiology and Environmental Exposures Team (EPICENE) at the INSERM Center 1219 Bordeaux Population Health (Pr S Debette). My research activities focus on the epidemiology of occupational and environmental risks and more particularly the effects of pesticides on human health.

Scientific summary

From my thesis, I initiated a research program on health effects of pesticides, focusing initially on the occurrence of cognitive disorders and neurodegenerative disorders related to chronic occupational exposure to pesticides, particularly among agricultural workers. I also investigated the occurrence of brain tumors related to these exposures. Since 2000, I have implemented an exhaustive registration of cases of tumors of the central nervous system in Gironde, resulting in the creation of a specialized register (qualified by the Committee for the Evaluation of Register). This registry helped the development of studies on the incidence of the different histological types and case-control studies on occupational and environmental risk factors for these tumours. Since 2004, I have been involved in the coordination of a cohort study in an agricultural environment for the study of the occurrence of cancer - and other chronic disaeses (AGRICAN), included in an international consortium coordinated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. In parallel with the development of these health studies, I invested myself in the development of tools for assessing exposures to pesticides. Thus the PESTIMAT crop-exposure matrix aimed at reconstructing the history of pesticide use in agriculture (determination of the frequency, intensity and probability of use of active ingredients). In addition, a metrological and ergonomic study (PESTEXPO study) aims to determine the levels of contamination of individuals under the usual conditions of pesticide use and the factors associated with exposure levels. I coordinate several courses within the University of Bordeaux, and in particular the initial training medical students, nurses in Occupational Health, doctors... I also coordinate a Master’s course in “Occupational and Environmental Health” within the Master’s in Public Health at the University of Bordeaux (ISPED). My hospital activity consists of the coordination of the occupational medicine of the staff of Bordeaux University and other activities in the Occupational Health Department of the CHU of Bordeaux. I participate in many expert groups for INSERM (Collective Expertise), ANSES, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Agriculture, CIRC.

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